Chain Fly Screen Curtain

chain fly screen curtain, also named metal mesh curtain,it is made of aluminum alloy.
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Chain Fly Screen Curtain

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Chain Fly Screen Curtain

Chain Fly Screen Curtain is also called Aluminum Chain curtain,chain link curtain, which is made from aluminum wire with anodized surface treatment.

It is a premium alternative for doorway and window screen. It is just a barrier of insects including flies, wasp and other flying insects instead of fresh air and light. It is easy to get through and very suitable for doorways which have regular traffic. Apart from insect screens, chain link curtain can be used as room dividers or decorative mesh..

12mm(Width) x 24mm(Length)

Usually is from 1.6mm to 2.0mm(1.6mm,2.0mm are common)

Ususlly is 90x210cm,and support customization

The curtain can be in solid color or customized with pattern you favor.

window&door curtain,decorative mesh on ceiling,office,room divider,shower curtain,restaurant ,hotel and any other places for decoration.

chain fly acreen curtain

Chain Fly Screen Curtain Colors

There are thousands of colours for your choice,such as gold,silver,black,gunmetal,red,red,purple,cooper,red and so on.


Install Accessory

The installation method is very easy,accessories including hanging rail , hanging screw and wall plug. 

With Customized Pattern


Aluminum Alloy

Wire Diameter


Widely Application

• Wall ceiling & Lamp shade
• Door & Window Curtain
• Architecture outside designs
• Interior partition & Room divider


Easy to install ,Rust resistance, fireproof ,beautiful and durability