Flake Metallic Sequin Fabric Mesh

Flake metallic sequin mesh is made of aluminum sequin.
Metal Decorative Mesh

Flake Matallic Sequin Fabric Mesh

Basic Parameter

Shiny Flake Metallic Sequin Fabric Mesh

Metallic sequin fabric, made of the flexible aluminum flakes and rings,is a new kind of decorative material in interior design or clothing design in industrial applications. It is connect by many sequins(with 4 branches)and rings, it looks like a spider, each ‘leg’ of the sequin works in a ring and folded back itself to secure they connect each other. With its versatility, unique texture, variety of colors, durability and flexibility, metallic sequin fabric is more and more popular in the inner design and clothing design.



Use Metallic cloth to screen off a room, hang from the ceiling for decoration, garment, shoes, bags, DIY jewelry,fashion accessories,room dividers , curtains,DIY Crafts

Silver,gold,black,gunmetal,rainbow,and so on.

  •  Unique texture: Metallic cloth is made of Aluminum sequins.
  •  Durable and easy to clean: Metallic cloth doesn’t require harsh cleaners or solvents, only needing to be dusted or wiped with a cloth when used inside
  •  Size: Metallic cloth can be customized.
  •  Shiny and bright,fireproof,waterproof,rustproof ,flexible enough to be shaped for many applications,light weight,easy installation 
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For Decoration Curtain Wall

The fabric is weaved by particles of aluminum and plated after weaving into a flat piece.

The sequins size : we have the 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm and 10mm

Our common size of the panels: our common panel is 1.5m*0.45m for one piece. And we also supply this kind of mesh in sq meters.

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For Women Dress Or Clothes

As this kind of mesh can cut by the scissors, so you can cut the mesh into every shape you want, such as you can make a dress for your lovely Barbie doll, make a beautiful ear drop for yourself.
Otherwise you can use this make a curtain for your house, mall, hotel and your shop. It will be more attractive.
In one words, you can do all that you can imagine with this mesh.