Main Products : stainless stel rope mesh,decorative mesh,metal coil drapery curtain,chain fly screen curtain,Flake metallic sequin fabric mesh.

Stainless steel rope mesh & Inox cable mesh

Stainless steel rope mesh is produced by high quality stainless steel rope.It is usually used as handrail infill mesh. Because of the flexibility of the mesh, it can fit with the spiral staircase, suspension bridge and other section with irregular shape. And because the inox cable mesh has good strength and soft, it is also used as safety net,zoo enclosure,aviary netting.

Hanging Chain Fly Screen Curtain

Aluminum Chain curtain is also called aluminum chain curtain,chain fly screen. It is made of 100% aluminum materials and has excellent quality. The aluminum chain curtain has the advantages of lightweight,simple structure and convenient installation. Chain link curtain is made from aluminum material and with various colors covering. It’s easy to install and has unique appearance, applied to various occasions, purposes, highlighting the elegant temperament,extraordinary personality, and noble taste.

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Black Oxide Stainless Steel Rope Net

The black oxide treatment of stainless steel rope mesh ia usually used in animal cages can absorb the strong sun Light, in the hot sun to protect the animals’ eyes.


Metal Coil Drapery Curtain

Metal coil drapery curtain, also named metal mesh curtain,chain link curtain. It is widely used as curtain,screens for dining hall,isolation in hotels,ceiling decoration,etc.

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Flake Metallis Sequin Mesh

It is widely used in window, wall,ceiling,shoes,bag and clothes decoration, room divider for hotel and restaurant , curtains for meeting room, club, Light, shower curtain.

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